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Server Installation

Real Tech Communication Pakistan Server Installation Services: A Certified ICS technician will perform a technology assessment and then deliver a network server implementation plan. It will include a cost effective, and rock-solid network design that is scaleable for future growth. Your server is the heart of your network, its crucial to build it with the right hardware and software custom tailored to your office computing needs. Let us handle your technology, so you can handle your business

On-site Technology Assessment

Server 2016 | 2019 Setup, Support and Administration
VMware Server Virtualization Installation
Microsoft Hyper-V
Server Virtualization Installation
Exchange Server 2019 Installation
Small Business Server Essentials Installation

One of the most vital components in information technology systems for any business are the servers used to centralize data and manage information. As enterprises increasingly rely on information technology, they need to ensure that their servers are running optimally to deliver enhanced results. Unexpected Server failures lead to business activities disruption and decreased productivity.

We are the “go-to” company on all server matters for small and medium businesses. As a small or medium business, the management of information technology and servers may prove to be difficult, especially without having trained human resources. Any small business that is not involved in information technology as its core business activity may face the following issues:

Increased operating costs due to improper planning and bad resource optimization.
High-security risks leading to data loss or theft by ransomware attacks.
Increased unplanned server breakdown and staff downtime.

Our engineers have years of expertise in managing, consulting, and implementing server solutions for a wide range of industries, having different server management requirements. You are guaranteed to get the following benefits from our services.

Regular Server optimization, data backup, and maintenance.
Regularly scheduled operating system and server upgrades
Server and software support for any use case scenarios to fit your specific business information technology requirements.
Real-Time Monitoring to proactively prevent issues that will affect business productivity.
Virtualization Technology implementation during your server planning phase to ensure maximum optimization by adequately compartmentalizing services and functionality. Learn more at our “How to get more with less” article about virtualization technologies.

If your business needs have changed, your company is growing, or your network has slowed down, you should review how to handle this in regard to your server.

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